Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trip To Kuala Gandah Pahang

On 29th 2008 our friends, fid's sister and their families joined us for a trip to Elephant Santuary in Kuala Gandah. Initially just wanted to go for a picnic kat mana mana Air terjun but our friend suggested to us this place. We reached there about 2 pm just nice before the ectivities started. After registered and collected the pass stickers, we joined some activities with the Elephants namely feeding the giants animals, joy ride and bath the animals in the nearby river. There was no entrance fee charge but all were encouraged to make some donations. The activities finished at 4 pm. For about 3 km from the elephant santuary, there is a deerland. We did not go to the deerland because some of us esp kids wanted to continue our picnic and swim at Hutan Lipur Lentang (30 minutes drive towards KL direction). And some of us tak puas lagi nak melantak the foods. Macam macam ada. Seronok Bangat if we could have this kind of trip once in a while, apart from the shopping trips. Kan kak long kan kan kan. Eat said she wanted to go to this place as well but better call them up a week before you want to go there and make your bookings. Only limited number of peopla can join the activites. The rest will just visit and watch. Enjoy the photos here.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A glimpse into Riana Green

Suprisingly as at today we only have 6 postings for I am just adding some more, kesian sgt tengok blog ni...after mths of searching, viewing and with the help of our dearest fendi who sending us emails on potentials houses, condos, town houses and what last we got our so called "summer house" if lah we have the 4 seasons kan, but the function is supposed to be that lah but could be 1 to 2-days-a-week house for Duan.

We are now working on the loan, signing the LO for our 1-bedroom unit in Riana Green, Tropicana...great surrounding and awesome is love at first least for Duan....During the whole process...the main criterias that made up to the decision are...the availability of 4 pools for the boys which all look neat and clean, the fact that it is so near to our favourite hang out (whenever we are in KL) i.e. One looks quiet and serene.....very resort like.....and the existence of Dominos Pizza at the ground level...Afi will sure love it..............not to mention that we are actually asking him to diet to loose his extra bags/bumps around the waist..............da????????????????

Hair Rebonding - at last i did it

At last after years of dreams...and hair is actually not on the thick side, the curls contributes to the i always wonder how will it looks like if it being strecthed and straight...and with it not so cheap price...i tend to put off the idea...until last saturday.
It was actually my normal visit just to trim the ends and do ironing.....then suddenly i heard the whisper ..."why not taking this chance to do rebonding...Duan was away only be back at around was still early about 11am."..they were like all the right reasons to do it there and then...and to strengthen the points there were like discounts for Christmas...oh my...I was so overwhelmed...particularly on the discounts part kah...kah..kah...I did it at last at Zing..and the hair stylist has been very kind...normally, hair stylist tend to add extra ringgit having check the length of my hair...but this girl just trim and get down to the chemical of the hair rebonding...
So there you go i am now hair rebonded...after 35 years of curls....but mine is not that kejung as I specifically tell the lady to make it straight with some volume (kembung) like jennifer aniston...kah...kah...kah...well it turns up as kejung jugak but it is it ...i feel so neat, so light...and no more mess in the morning.....such a miracle lah this hair rebonding i asked my dear husband...cantik tak? and his answers was.." sama je"..and i replied.." maksudnya meletop lah tu".....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cake for charity

Dah tak ingat dah when was the last time aku buat posting. No material. Nak buat camnekan. Today we attended wedding kat Jln ampang terus singgah ke Great Easten Mall. Ada cake sales for charity from 5 star hotels.

Ada byk cakes yang cun cun and of course mesti rasa sedap. All are chocolate cakes. Lepas look see look see and snap gambar apa yang patut. We bought 2 slices (next time mesti beli more). Both rasanya...SATANEM...SEDAP GILER. Kalau nak tgk full coverage about the cakes...belilah local papers...sebab ada ramai wartawan and photographers busy buat coverage for the event.

Enjoy the photos.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Notis Awal

Korang, aku akan very very busy starting esok. Coz my paper is tomorrow and aku akan start marking exam scripts yang bertimbun2 tu, notis awal2 dari aku: aku tak akan update blog nie selagi tak abis marking. Saja je nak update kat sini, takut tetiba korang "terlupa" aku busy and buat reminder cam kiter dok buat kat minah sorang tu hehehehe

eat, ngko takde excuse tak buat posting tau!

Salam sayang dari aku yang busy (ngada tak?)


Friday, November 7, 2008

Ostrich Park

On the way balik from Padang Besar, singgah kat this Ostrich Farm owned by Kerajaan Negeri Perlis..

All of us were impressed sbb the binatangs were gemuk2 and free.. We had to pay RM15 kat PD for the same view ok!! Tapi seperti biasa aku tak tahan the bau yg menusuk jiwa... hahaha

The next day balik KL.. tapi lalu Jeniang --> Grik --> Ipoh --> baru masuk highway.. Penat but fun!!
The tiger tu namanye Tigress.. pet baru annisaa, beli kat Padang Besar.

Look at Arissa's face.. sbenarnye dia takut takut sbb that tiger ada bunyi roaring yg real, siap mata ada lampu lagi.. Tapi bagus jugak sbb diam sikit dlm keta ada Tigress tu.. hahaha

Dlm keta ada bantal sbb singgah beli bantal kekabu kat Jeniang (Mak Tam's house) RM15 satu, so beli 4 terus..

Kuda Hitam

Last Sunday 2 Nov (Happy Birthday Liz!!!!) Wan Imran's Concert Day kat Kelab Darul Ehsan.
Unlike Annisaa yg everyday cerita every details of her tarian, not a single word abt the concert keluar from Imran..

The day b4 concert dapat baju (costs us RM90, mind you!! cekik darah okay..) tgk2 aje dapat singlet , vest hitam kain kasa and suprise.. kain batik siap dgn matching headband

Rupanya, kelas Imran, Black Pearl buat tarian lagu Kuda Hitam... Tapi kerusi tak cukup on on that day sbb some parents decided to bring the whole extended families plus, mak sedara, nenek sedara.. etc etc..

Tapi aku n Ina duduk VIP Seat belakang sekali atas meja terus.. hahahaha... Sakit hati sbb ada parents yg kiasu nak ambik gambar the kids sampai boleh berdiri2 tgh2 dunia.. tapi buat muka selamba aje..

Wedding Kedah..

The affair was a happy one.. EVERYBODY was there except Nenek aku and of course Ina.. she had her Convokesyen that very same day..

Arissa wore her recycled flower dress from last cousin Wedding in Senawang..
Sempat lagi pegi Souk A-Bukhary Shopping Complex beli shampoo.. Kena dera anak aku sorang tu bawak bakul.. hahaha

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Posting Selingan

Aku saja namakan posting selingan...yea lah kan, selingan sementara menunggu posting raya keluarga eat. Dia dah puluh kali janji nak buat tapi Yang Ado ...nak buat cam mana kan, dah berbuih mulut kak long, fendu ngan aku cakap...*hint....hint*

Memandangkan gambar Miri aku tak banyak, and tak berapa cun - aku bagi lah gambar2 favourite aku nie.

Nie gambar2 aku ngan my favourite boys - Alistair and Airell, and my fav baby girl - Iris Ashekin. Alistair and Airell tu anak buah aku yang kat KL tu and Iris plak anak my best friend, Haslina. Comel kan....