Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reunion in Sunway Part 2

On Behalf of everyone, I would like to say Thank you to ejin sebab belanja makan. Baru dapat payment cheque katanya. Semoga di murahkan rezeki and di panjangkan umur. Amin.

Food sedap sedap. We shall return next time. Kak Long, jgn terliur ok. Nanti kita re union kat sini lagi. Food paling sedap "crispy salad" takde lak gambonya.

Wajah-wajah kekenyangan.
Kembar tak seiras.
Rojak buah
Cheers for lisdu
Grilled fish
Kalamari and BBQ lamb.
Penne and 4 seasons pizza.
In short - "SATANEM"

Reunion in Sunway Part 1

As planned, we had another reunion at Borneo Rainforest Cafe in Sunway. Again incomplete due to Lindu could not join us this round. Timing was not right since Next Wednesday is Hari Raya and road is expected to be congested. So travelling to and fro Kuantan to KL seems not to be a wise idea. Ejin and Liz would have to wait for another 3 months to meet up. They have not seen each other for 8 years. Kesian.

Nevertheless, everyone seems to enjoy and had fun especially the kids. Nisa and Ej are now close friends. We are very happy to see them sharing the food, drinks and stories/gossips.

Few notes to be highlighted. But I'll let ejin to cover in details in her postings.

1) Eat made 2 similar scenes. One between herself and ejin and another one between herself and arissa.
2) Ejin and Wan shared some knowledge about 'Penan'

For this reunion , 'someone' did not forget to bring the digi cam. So let the photos explain the excitement and happiness everyone have shared. They were taken before the dinner.

3 baby sitters with 'handbags'

Kakak and adik
Buddy Buddy and the bodyguard

The 'handsome' daddy and kids.

Arissa :- "Pls don't steal my sister"
After Eat's 1st scene
Seronok Bangat

"Dayabumi and The Post Office"

Ucapan raya untuk Kak Long

Hi Kak Long,

Since you were not able to join us this round adik adik and anak saudara ada a small gift for you. Hope you will enjoy watching these clips.

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin. Selamat bergumbira di Hari Raya.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kad Raya yang pertama ...

Semalam dapat kad raya yang pertama untuk tahun nie. It was from Misha. Thank you Misha! And the first kad raya to arrive at my new house. So, today aku dah bawak pi office and tampal kad tu kat my "memory wall" - this is where I put all my favourite photos, postcards and all special cards etc that my family and good friends gave me. Boleh nampak tak kad misha??

And this one plak is one of the postcards yang Misha antar kat aku. This one was sent after diorang visit zoo negara ...cantik kan?

Thank you Misha ....Selamat Hari Raya....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gone is the first batch

Hi it's me ...tot my next posting will be after raya...but i cant resist blogging ni...fendi jgn kata aku kak nam ok! At least you have something to read...kah...kah...kah....So there you go as being informed we do not have any picture capturing Duan catching the chicken...just because he does not catch any...kah..kah..kah..dia kan mandor ....this remind me of my late grandfather, he was a mandor at a ladang kepala sawit in Ulu Tiram,,Johor...so whenever people in Tiram saw him they would greet him "Selamat Pagi Mandor".....melalut aku ni...so that is it, the end of the very first batch .......

Monday, September 22, 2008

Malam Tujuh Likur

This is a tradition to lit the pelita 7 days before lebaran...Ours is earlier by 2-3 days ...but it is ok no harm done! The boys are always terribly happy and over excited when it comes to put up those pelita, they will start to burning leaves and all sort of things they able to find on the grass. We had mercun the night before and finished them on the same night. Bought them at the pasar malam and they are way too expensive lah....So I guess that is it...we will lit the light until the day we balik kampung for the celebration....

Last but not least..is it too early??? but with my gastric which has just been discovered and with me always ketandusan idea...I would like to take this opportunity , on behalf of myself and Duan and my 3 boys to wish you guys, selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin. I believe dalam gelak ketawa dan senda gurau kite, ade bahasa yg terhangat di pasaran terkeluar dari bibir ku yg sweet ini...maka ade yg tersentuh sanubari....dan mungkin jugak yg terkucil hati nya....sesungguhnya tida niat di hati utk menyakiti atau meletopkan perasaan sesapa..........

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chicken Chop - Lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama

Chicken chop with fresh tomato,salad, coleslaw, potato salad, and baked bean.

Last Saturday my mom, brother, sister, nephew and niece came from PD for overnight. So for Buka Puasa my brother prepared chicken chop. Nampak sedapkan? Memang Satanem habis. Yang lawak tu after dinner my nephew said. "Sedapnya, pandai daddy dgn mummy masak". I was smiling je la...sebab kena puji tak pasal pasal. Padahal my job was went to supermarket to buy the groceries je. Tapi don't worry, sempat both of us took short course sambil2 tolong in the kitchen. Nak makan chicken chop? Mai la ke Keramat. he he he

Friday, September 19, 2008

Real friends vs Facebook friends

I was surfing the net just now and read this one article about friends and facebook friends ...interesting enough , written by a 15 year old gal...she's commenting that facebook friends is like the in-thing now especially among the teens in the west to gauge popularity..they are competing among themselves who has the most friends .....so now they ended up differentiating real friends and facebook friends...

true enough, we are also being hit by this new wave ....in our case we look for old friends...buddies during uni, high school, old workplace etc....at times we just add a person without we really knowing the person except the fact that we were in the same college before.. .but what is the whole purpose...we just want to know how are they doing, what are they doing, how many kids they have...start making comparison...and what else??? at the end of the day, we dont really re-develop the friendship ......so that is why we have Facebook-friend terms in google now....

So what are real friends????...then we have these faces....these are real friends....for better and worse , till death do us apart.....macam kahwin lah pulek....kahwin mat saleh...ok lah tu! cakap "i do" semua....kalau tak akak cubit mulut sekor2....

Eat sorry I dont have Wan's picture so bayang je lah muka dia.

Ejin, is coming down this 29th ..i hope we able to meet up...after what... 8 years....my goodness...but I feel like seeing you everyday coz we talk...I mean email everyday without fail ...kan?...tinggal miss nak witness your muncung after 8 years.....

Takde lecture this week....

Last Wednesday, aku and my collegue Haslina took our students for a trip to State Planning office. Yang seronoknya, kami tak ngajar and dapat jalan2 keluar dari uni...which is a bonus indeed. Students pun suka sebab keluar dari universiti...alah, kita dulu pun kan, bila ada trip aje, sure seronok sakan. Tak kira le trip boring pun takpe, janji keluar and tak dengar lecture. In this case, they dont have to listen to a 3-hour lecture yang start kol 8 pagi...

yang tak seronoknya, aku kena bangun awal sebab janji tunggu kat uni by 7.30am. As usual, tak semua sampai on time....the trip itself was enligthening for me - banyak info baru aku dapat, and these info aku boleh pakai for my research as well as other courses yang aku ajar. The students tu aku tak tau le plak, some of them pay attention masa officer tu bagi presentation, but some tu memang nampak tak concentrate. Yang tido pun ada! Tapi aku impress gak masa abis presentation, ramai gak yang involve dalam soal-jawab. Aku impress sebab budak yang selama ni senyap dalam kelas pun aktif menanya soalan! Tak malu lecturer dia :-)

Gambar tu was taken masa kami tunggu bus ambik kami after the visit. Nampak tua tak student aku? Ke aku nampak muda? hahahaha


Yesterday and today turn lorong 9 hantar more ke surau. Semalam buat sandwich. Today lak..sempena hajat nak buat pulut kuning...so we mintak tolong makcik sebelah umah tolong masakkan...pulut kuning and rendang ayam. Tgk gambar mengancamkan...Memang mengancam habis...satanem. Pulut tu soft sangat and berlemak...pekena lak dgn rendang tu.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pre Lebaran

I am so bored today..Fendi is away for some training ( ape nak training lagi dah master mcm tu)..Ejin is out for a meeting or sth (continuous project work) and Eat is as usual terribly busy -today preparing P&L (she's still very much a pharmacist herself)...and I am left by myself blogging. Ejin asked me to do this and here I am.

This picture was last year's....every year without failed, we have to be sedondon, that is a must ..a tradition passed down to me from my mom..but I like this custom...so there we were last year a combination of light green and brown...remember the remark made by Eat when we discussed about baju raya last year.."kau satu family mesti macam pokok di pagi raya"...almost lah...jahat mulut!

As for this year, Angah and Adib will be wearing dark brown (recycled-previously Afi and angah's) - maklum lah harga semua naik so berjimat lah he..he.., Afi and Abah will be wearing gold and mine is a combination of brown, yellow and orange...so the tone is there but not entirely sedondon lah kan?but still considered matching and can blend in, kan?ok lah tu!

My raya ritual is always the same , year in and year out....we will spend the raya eve in Pekan and after the raya prayer, we'll make our move to Johor and stay there until the weekend...we will convoy with my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins visiting relative houses covering JB to as far as Kota Tinggi...and back again this will usually start early in the morning and end when the owl comes out at nite....

i am always very fond of hari raya.....love the food..the family gathering...people catching up with each other...introducing new family members...and so on..And yes, one particular uniqueness in this muslim celebration is the act to pledge for forgiveness from one another...interesting huh we able to redeem ourselves..he..he....i love doing it with my dearie hubby , he will have that senyum sengget on his face....and I always will try my best to compose myself not to breakdown when it comes to certain individual........(this is my weakness-benci sgt)

while writing this, we have another 2 weeks to go before raya.....erkkkkk,,,lambat lagi raye....

Ramadan al Mubarak

Guys, this Ramadan is a special and memorable one to me, because both me and Afi "accidently" "khatam" the holy Quran in the month itself. I was actually targeting to khatam by year end...hence, having to finish it earlier, together with my eldest son lagi and in the month of Ramadan which full of berkat is like an added bonus.....I feel blessed...overwhelmed........At last, my goodness... after years of procrastination....like being inside the closet lah jugak...kah...kah..kah...at last I managed to have it done...
As for Afi , I am excited for him coz he managed to finish before high school....that is my target for the boys...
So the next one will be Ejin, first thing first, set a dateline....then the rest will follows....AMIN

Buka Puasa in Shah Alam.. akhirnya!!!

Well, ppl say better late than never, kan Ejin? Been so busy with work, cooking (cewah!), blah, blah,blah..

Anyway, this is my signature (mcm kat kedai tu..) lasagna made in 2hrs chaos after balik keje on a Saturday (tak aci!! everybody cuti.. aku kene keje pulaks..) Brought this to bukak puasa kat SS8, PJ. Wan's sister's place. Terperasan sedap sbb my lasagna was the first dish to habis.. hehehe..

All this was 100% made in Stadium Pasar Ramadhan, bought nasi lemak sedap, then ada pulak this stall jual Grilled Beef & Ayam on a stick. Tak sesedap yg in my imagination.. mahal pulak tu.. NAsi ayam tu for Nisa,

Wan bought food yg I would never part my Rm with.. like Sotong Kering dlm bekas putih tu.. That costs RM10, complete with kuah n kacang. Tak sedap langsung!! and .. Roti Jala with Kuah Durian , found out that the Kuah is more like Kuah Santan plus invisible teeny-weeny bits of durian pieces..hmm Am going to suggest to the makcik to change her signage to Roti Jala/Penkek with Kuah Santan.. more like it..


My first attempt buat kuih melayu.. Jadi jugak akhirnya eventho, I actually promised myself that this is the last time!! Too boring n time-consuming.. layer by layer.. Now, I really appreciate those ppl who made the Kek Lapis Sarawak..

And this was made Sunday lepas.. Sardine Roll version malas.. guna ready made puff pastry.. tapi sedap gila (must be the pastry...) hahaha...

Alamak, my posting is sloowwly turning to a food blog la pulek..

After Umi berpeluh2 kat dapur buat the Sardin Roll, etc, etc, Imran buat hal pulak insist nak pegi Swimming Pool!! After thousand No! No! No! he changed to 'Abang nak tengok aje..' after pujuk-memujuk session, he finally agreed to Pizza.. (fuh!!!)

So, here we are at Domino's.. see? Imran patiently waiting for his beloved pizza? Sabar je lah..

Nasib baik ada Minah Debab tukang perabis @ penyepah makanan...

Ni dia tgh concentrate sumbat 3 ketul kuih kole kacang...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Like mother like daughter

Nowadays, whenever fid bought something, Ej would want one for her self. I think Ej look up to fid for an example. Kira mentor and protege lah. Since she has her own room she has been asking for lots of stuffs. One of it is the stand to hang the handbags. And guess what! Finally we found this cute colourful stand and Ej was proudly to have it fixed by herself with some help from her cousins, Along and Meera. I was busy helping fid in the kitchen masa tu. Ej was smiling all the way yesterday and said her room now is neat. After few minutes she started nyanyi for other stuffs pulak. Pening pak ngah nak layan.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Berbuka puasa (with guest)

Today, fid' father, sister and kids came berbuka puasa at our place. Meriah. So since morning fid dah berperang in the kitchen. She cooked chicken rendang, prawn sambal with petai, vege and salty fish (sponsored by ejin). I helped her prepared the cocktail drinks. After finished cooking, sempat we all pi pavilion jap beli Jco donuts. (I'm eating the donut with black coffee while typing this post. Satanem.) Fid sister pulak brought 2 ayam golek and kueh cakoi. So penuh lah meja. All were yummy yummy.

Takde apa yang habis except the cocktail drinks (tgk lah sape yang preparekan kan kan). Some we let our guest tapau and will re-cycle the rest for sahur.

Yesterday we went to mid valley for buka puasa. Ej and I went to chillies while fid joined her friends at other restaurant. So for 2 days we didn't go to Bazaar Ramadan. Lega rasanya. Need a break jugak. Cannot tahan with the prices yang tak masuk akal and tasteless food. Tapi monday onwards since kerja we have no choice. Telan je la.

Tak habih habih nak interframe.
Liz sure will spot something.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Gambar Berbuka Puasa (Finally!)

Here it is ...finally, after desakan demi desakan, and reminder demi reminder from Fendi, akhirnya baru ada masa untuk buat posting. Sorry lah, busy memanjang - dok beremail ngan korang le mostly sampai takde masa nak buat posting (kan eat kan???)

This was taken a few days ago. I ajak my cousin and his family (wife and three kids) to have dinner with us masa tu, so the food on the table is not for just one person i.e. me ok. I know at times, I am always buying a lot of food, and ended up in the bin (as always level ketamakan melampaui batas bila sampai kat pasar ramadan). That day, we had satay (both beef and chicken), tempe, kuih karipap and popia (long gone before I sempat tangkap gambar!), kerabu mangga, steamed fish (masih dalam steamer masa gambar nie diambik!), mixed vege (my father cooked for us that night), pajeri nenas, telur masin ...and ada lah bits and pieces lagi that my cousin brought us. So much food, but to my surprise we only have pajeri nenas and kerabu mangga as left overs malam tu. Everything else was gone.

The girl in the photo is my neice - Weewyn. Before dinner, she commented that we should move all those food to the dining table in the dining room - takut tak cukup tempat for the drinks and our plates ...hehehehe

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chicks become chicken

Guys, the chicks are now chicken..from yellow to white...tapi a bit toggel kan? the bulu is not that even , patches here and there...they have another week before innalillahwainailahirrojiun......I guess for Duan the one week may feel like ages...berdebar kan.....

Ramadan 2008

Those are actually yesterday's for berbuka. For the past 10 days, it was my first day bought the main dish (nasi) from the pasar ramadan...jgn main kite masak ok! Duan was in Pekan meeting Wan and break his fast at his mom's.

Ok Along and Angah had nasi kerabu..there was recycled spaghetti bolognese, fried noodles (from sahur), sotong goreng pedas and singgang kembung - these are all previous day dish thus recycle lah....and for myself I had yong tau fu..and there were also ikan goreng and ayam goreng - bibik yg goreng as for the kuih we had buah melaka

Yang ni today's..we had homemade laksa..gambar mcm conti aje kan...asam pedas, terubuk bakar and ayam masak kicap...kuih lopez de sequire, wajik and pulut bakar...lauk semua habis except for the laksa lah....recycle pulak for tomorrow...

So kira ape tu ...melantak ke???? sort of lah tapi habis so ok lah tu...he..he..Ish...lari konsep pengertian puase kan?

I guess all over Malaysia, something significant this round of Ramadan is the prices in pasar ramadan and everywhere in fact....everything is overly priced...the outcome of the lavishly oil price hike, the high inflation rate....someone must be proud of his great and significant contribution to our beloved country.......

So one may ask how does that commensurate to my excessive food on the table...well one, you can't compare with Ejin coz dia sorang, Fendu has only 3 mounths to feed, Eat has one more than mine but hers are all small......as for me,
I have my Along whom since the past 2 years we have never considered as a child when it comes to eating...he's tall and 45kg..Angah kurush but he can really eat now..Adib catching up fast...me with high metabolisme...thank god and abah whom......ape ekkk.....who eats lah..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!