Friday, September 12, 2008

Gambar Berbuka Puasa (Finally!)

Here it is ...finally, after desakan demi desakan, and reminder demi reminder from Fendi, akhirnya baru ada masa untuk buat posting. Sorry lah, busy memanjang - dok beremail ngan korang le mostly sampai takde masa nak buat posting (kan eat kan???)

This was taken a few days ago. I ajak my cousin and his family (wife and three kids) to have dinner with us masa tu, so the food on the table is not for just one person i.e. me ok. I know at times, I am always buying a lot of food, and ended up in the bin (as always level ketamakan melampaui batas bila sampai kat pasar ramadan). That day, we had satay (both beef and chicken), tempe, kuih karipap and popia (long gone before I sempat tangkap gambar!), kerabu mangga, steamed fish (masih dalam steamer masa gambar nie diambik!), mixed vege (my father cooked for us that night), pajeri nenas, telur masin ...and ada lah bits and pieces lagi that my cousin brought us. So much food, but to my surprise we only have pajeri nenas and kerabu mangga as left overs malam tu. Everything else was gone.

The girl in the photo is my neice - Weewyn. Before dinner, she commented that we should move all those food to the dining table in the dining room - takut tak cukup tempat for the drinks and our plates ...hehehehe


fendifid said...

Ya finally...but the food...punyalah banyak. Habis lak tu...I know why.

Ejin said...

not just me - ada me, my parents, and my cousin and his wife and three kids.