Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grace's family day at Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan

Aloha...this was early Nov when Grace oreanise$ a family day at Swiss GArden Resort...nun.........di Kuantan. Initial plan was Melaka but because of the timing and so on , it was last minute changed to nun ....di...Kuantan...songel kan...but then again, if not organised by the company, why on earth do we need to overnight at Swiss Garden kan? So dapat jugak lah peluang to stay there overnight ..he..he..

.I was one of the committee....ngelat aje banyak...bagi idea aje tapi kerja adoooooo....he..he..he..anyway the t-shirt is my design..nak get people to approve that tshirt was not an easy job tau...tahu lah manusia kan ...suka sgt complaint..the co name is too big.. small is better-to the extent you can't really see the co name..white can be jarang.. ..hitam is better...why men got collar and ladies only round neck..who going to wear it to the office having the name stuck at your chest...ha..ha..ha...1001 complaints i tell you..
I was all alone tau...even other committee members after so much complaint dah nearly back off..ha..ha..ha..

I talked to the plant manager..let's try for once-having that big company name stuck in your chest..we have so many other co shirt that perhaps more suitable for office ..but frankly i dont see why cant we wear that fresh-look-tshirt (of my design) to the office...he said oklah...and shut all the mouths!
Should be proud wearing the company name what??? unless kita Lynas then different story mory lah...ha..ha..Putih pun jadi hal...i said go for better quality punya kain so no problem of being jarang and what not...tapi due to cost and all that we still go for cheaper kain but ok lah not so bad.

ramai puji the family day...for good food...

 pricey lucky draw prizes...the telematches was also fun lah..many many sapa masuk telematch tu dapat aje hadiah...We also arranged a company family cost...sekali jalan semua...bagus right...sangat menguntung kan company...and we have penanyi jemputan for the nite...sakit lah matooooooooooo

Well personally i think it was alright...i managed to wind down also..lazying by the pool, ...watching the boys having fun in the pool..
Ada gaya Bali..dok???? blue sky..............Why my NOTE lagi terang from yours Fendi????

We also had a go with the ATV...Panas jangan can barely open your eyes tau..memang berdeting but that is better than hujan right...kalau hujan baik balik rumah boleh layan movie..

Not bad huh....Swiss Garden bila mahu datang sini???

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lunch to celeb Aimran's achievement

Hi there ..I really miss blogging...I have 30 mins before a short call undersatnding another acquisition erghhh bosan.. too complex.. nak sangat kan?
Ok last weekend we had lunch at Zenith to celebrate Aimran's achievement...well we actually have our lunch outside (not in the house) every saturday--location most of the time is actually an alternate between Zenith and Swan..yg lain jarang2 sekali. The difference between this lunch and the weekly routine are ...firstly,  the mood --of course everytime pun happy nak makan tapi ni terlebih lah happy nya...secondly, lunch ni ada nama--lunch for Aimran's dot dot...kalau yg biasa tu stop at Lunch aje..
Apa lah aku mengarut ni.???..saja nak bagi panjang posting ha..ha..ha..

So here is the food at Zenith--because I have shown it like 1001 kali--i chose to just put small insertion ..tak kuase kan.. But frankly I love Zenith's cooking...i told the chef that his food is very tasty...and Duan told another person, we love the ubi kayu adoiiiiiiiiii

And us...happily eating...
My baby sepet kan??? ha..ha..unique the way nak close up my tudung from internet purchase...first time i wear tudung putih...rasa suci lagi menyuci kan for the day...

We went to HK for Afi's 5As but oleh kerana kemerosotan economy, we have not booked any vacation yet but we have thought of something..I will share it here. Kalau jadi share lah kalau tak jadi nak share ke hapa kan?
So presents for Aimran is the G Shock watch he is wearing...he had Billabong before tapi meronta ronta nak G Shock...His wrist actually suits BAby G better...until we came across that G Shock memang nak jadi rezeki dia..the strap is adjustable so alhamdulillah termakbul keinginan dia. Dia happy kita pun happy finally dapat G Shock tu!

Then he also wanted a smart phone...he used Nokia Music for quite sometime so now diturun kan ke Mat Dib--Adib kerja sms "Mummy buat apa"--Adib jugak yg senang--dia dpt best english-he asked for 3 computer games---beli 3 satu free--so i bought that settled! Then dia dapat jadi pengawas kafa--entah beli apa tak hingat--dia initially nak Xbox then mummy explain itu ini itu ini dia ok--then jadi pengawas SKIM--beli dia bola...habis cite--on top of that mummy hutang adib tak bayar2 lagi..ha..ha..sama aje Adib simpan ke Mummy simpan--my Mr Froggy!

ok back to Aimran, he has been bodekking for the Note...I was not that keen--ask him to take Ace Plus instead --I think the size suits him--but he made his "puss in boots" eyes and we cant think of anything else to comparable to Afi's desktop set...and the fact that we have not booked any vacation...payah jugak kan???? zaman kita dulu ko dapat lah berapa A pun adoiii...ha..ha..ha..
kebetulan Duan has been complaining about Note's limitation on multitasking and his problem will be solved with S3 or Note2--so we decided to hand down Note to Aimran and Duan get a new one. Problem solved! and Aimran got his Note...

Remember I told that Afi lost his Galaxy Y on his last day of PMR...we bought him Ace Plus ...suka sangat dia--I told him that counts towards his  8As--actually apa pun dia dapat after the PMR semua counting ha..ha..that what we told him...pulak macam2 sangat hendaknya..

People said that girls spend more but I think boys lagi teruk see like shoes as one example...kasut bola--they need to have kasut bola padang then another pair for futsal...then bowling shoes... those cant be used for jalan2 so a different pair for wear lain...casual lain pulak..then sandals for pasar..nasib baik there is no basketball court nearby kalau tak i bet they will join and michael jordon punya kasut pulak kena beli...erggghhh and the fact that they are growing kan...setahun tukar sekali...Aimran is way too small to use Afi's...and Adib is growing faster than no sharing at all...

So I cakap Afi  if he doesnt get 8As cepat lah lari...jokingly lah...I always remind my matter how bad or how good...they are foreber and eber my babies...There were days I become Mummy Monster but that is not the end of the world! Budak2 sekarang ni pelik2 jugak or perhaps we the parents pun pelik dari our parents' batch emmmmm entah lah! but i know I do my best for the benefits of my boys and the family as a whole!

Jadi tahulah mana datang kemerosostan economy...ha..ha..ha..phewwwwwwwwww!
Ok till next posting....take care and have fun!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tempat Menarik di Port Dickson

Last weekend balik PD. Macam biasa kami ke pekan makan mi mamak. Tempat favourite la mana lagi kan...kat Pasar lama tepi balai bomba tu.
Fid makan rojak mi. Licin you.
This is mine...mi goreng telur...basah basah with kueh tu. Memang marvellous la. Bersiut siut menahan kepedasan tapi tetap layan habis, Lepas dah kenyang kami ke pantai teluk kemang. From the pantai...nampak Baitul Hilal...tempat tinjau anak bulan masa nak masuk Ramadan dan Hari Raya AidilFitri.
Cun bangat nampaknya dari jauh. Anak sedara aku kata boleh bawak kereta ke tempat Baitul Hilal tu. Apa lagi...serbu la...aku tak pernah sampai ke situ. Teruja nak tahu camne tempat tu.
Gambar ni di snap dari atas tebing kat Baitul Hilal tu. Cun kan.
Breathtaking sunset....Yang ni pulak di snap from Boardwalk. Boardwalk ni has access to Pantai Teluk Kemang and Pantai Seri Purnama.
This is where orang tengok anak bulan...the interactive astronomy kiosk. I am not sure whether we can go in or not. I didn't even try to go in pun.
Very cute building.
Nak masuk ke Baitul Hilal ni sebenarnya kena masuk ke Klana Beach Resort. Opposite this hotel is the Baitul Hilal. Tak ku tahu pun ada nice hotel kat sini.
Posing time...tengok sampai lebam.
The hotel from the boardwalk. Very beautiful and romantic place. A well safe kept secret place. If you  notice...some of the photos look like Bali. Kan Ejin kan.
Pantai Teluk Kemang view
Boleh dating atas batu. Tapi behave la ok. This place is so suci. Jangan di cemari.
Mesti meriah this place sehari before puasa sebab orang ramai nak tengok anak bulan. Kalau nampak...boleh start puasa. Same goes masa nak raya.
Ok...posing time...layannn. Zara was on a bad mood. She wanted to go near to the water to play with the waves. Tak berani aku nak lepas kan. Dalam tempat tu. Dia buat dek aje when mommy called her name suruh pandang camera.
Ej and Zara. Masa ni baru sampai...happy mood.

sihat sihat semua....and happy too.
Daddy yang hensem dengan Zara yang songel.
Natural beauty of unexploited nature.
The models menambah perisa to the beautiful scenery.
In front of the Resort. Klana Resort is a Shariah compliant hotel. So come and stay with a peaceful mind.
Semua ceria aje. I am happy for the good jalan jalan diwaktu petang. Boleh jalan jalan petang new places.
Zara punya posing yang 100% ready.
Zara and Kak Suhaila.
Staircase to the boardwalk.
Look at Zara yang monyok for the same reason. Nak main air.
Happy je mommy. Dapat jalan and discover this beautiful place.
Susunan gambar berterabur. This is suppose to be the first photo taken kat Baitul Hilal ni.
Pristine waters. Tak sangka this photo was taken kat PD.
Yang ni masa nak mencari Baitul Hilal...instead of turning to the left, I turned to the right. Sampai ke Pantai Seri Purnama. Orang jual ice cream datang...we bought buat basah tekak. Zara just had the cone. Tak berani nak bagi ice cream.
Again...otw to the same posing style.
This photo was taken masa kat Pantai Teluk Kemang. I let Zara play with the waves for 20 minutes. X bagi mandi...takut dia telan air berpasir tu.
Teluk kemang jugak...meriah dengan sukan air. This is pantai kenangan masa kita naik boat laju dulu masa belajar kat A level.

Monday, November 26, 2012

medical check up lagi

tomorrow is the dreaded day ....aku dari pagi tadi dah kecut perut ....sebab esok plan nak gi medical check up esok ...and it is a more comprehensive test than the one i did earlier last month ...aiyoo, itu pun punya lah teruk aku menggigil masa the lab guy ambik darah aku ....esok tak ta le camne ...I REALLY HATE NEEDLES!! tapi nie kes keterpaksaan ....aiyoooo if i can avoid this memang aku avoid hahahaha ...

and to make it worst, since this afternoon aku terasa rasa can tengkuk aku sakit ....mula lah aku fikir bukan bukan ...takut BP tinggi .....and jantung dap dup ....scary siotttt aku nie perasan jer??? so, balik2 tadi, aku mintak Jane guna stateskop to check my chest ...kot2 lah asthmatic or wheezing .....sebab the damn lift kat opis masih rosak ...had to walk up and down the stairs the whole day today ......and I asked Jane to check my BP jugak ...malang nya, bateri monitor tu pulak kong not sure berapa BP aku ...huhuhuhu aiyoo i am supposed to sleep early ...tapi gatal galak nak wait for Adam and Hawa (que for Liz to roll her eyes sampai juling!) ....serba tak kena aku nie, coz takut check darah punya pasal ......hope things goes well esok .....

Like I mention earlier, since this medical check up is done for the purpose of applying for a student visa gi NZ, they requested that all medical check up to be conducted at their own recognised panel clinic...nasib baik kat Kuching ada 2 klinik yang direcognised oleh NZ embassy of them is Asia Clinic kat jalan Padungan ...which I am going to tomorrow .....and the receptionist told me that result akan siap dalam 3 hari - kalau takde apa2 lah ...and that thorough med check up plus chest x-ray (screening for tibi) is approximately RM350 ...tak tau dia accept cash or credit card .....

agak strict borang medical check up nya ....perlu bawak passport bagai, plus 3 passport sized photos that radiologist, lab staff and the doctor boleh verify yang aku nie adalah orang yang sma cam dalam passpport .....macam, ada ke org lain yang buat check up untuk orang lain??? kan??? and there are declarations yang aku kena sign in front of the doctor, radiologist etc .....nak buat cam ne, kena ikut kan ajer ....nak gi overseas punya  pasal .....

ok lah, have to stop now. Tu my MoM dah call on my phone (she is downstair, fon aku coz malas nak naik tangga gi bilik aku!) soh aku tido ...and to remind me that aku dah takleh makan as I have to fast till my check up tomorrow ...hanya dibenarkan minum air kosong ajer ......hahahaha wish me well for tomorrow yea ...goodnight semua, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!!!

p/s no gambar, coz takde gambar yang sesuai hahahaha

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pancake for breakfast

Masa Deepavali aritu aku ambik cuti panjang ...3 hari jer sebanarnya, tapi tambah ngan public holiday, jadilah seminggu .....minggu tu jugak lah mak aku tinggalkan kami untuk lepak di KL for a week ...suffice to say, rumah ak huru hara ....macam tak berfungsi sepenuhnya! sebab org yang kena tinggal tu semua nyer banyak lemak ...manja terlebih ......hahahaha ...I mean, we are so used to having my mum around ...sekali dia takde for a week, the dynamic changes lah ..then my dad pulak ngades nak balik kampung ...lagi lah bertukar dynamics di situ, ak ambik tugas ambik adik from school and masak memasak brother tukang antar adik and siapkan adik pagi2 ...jane pulak siapkan Al, ambik Al and do the housekeeping kat rumah ......jenuh oooo

anyway, ada stu pagi tu Al ponteng sekolah ..dia demam, aku kol cikgu kata dia flu and tak masuk sekolah ...dia punya lah suka, that morning dia request nak breakfast pancake, check kat dapur ada instant mix pancake ....maka aku ngan dia pun buat lah breakfast .....

Al sedang baca instruction yang bergambar ...seronok dia tapi slow sangat buat coz dia baca slow

suka dia buat pancake ...dia nie jenis memilih makanan, tapi kalau dia tolong buatkan, dia akan makan, I ask him to kacaukan tepung etc and help me buat pancake ....cuma nak kena pastikan dia tak pegang pan yang panas ajer ...tapikan budak nie betul bendul, dia tengok gambar kat kotak tu cuma ada 3 ketul pancakes, maka dia cuma nak kami buat 3 ajer ...mana le aku pandai agak aku terbuat empat ...punya lah dia tak puas ati .....

so, dia paksa aki dia makan satu that cuma ada 3 ajer pancake atas pinggan macam dalam gambar ...lawak ajer budak nie! dia kata mama is wrong, tak pandai kira ....Al said do 3, but mama do 4 ...mama no pandai ...rasa nak cubit jer mulut dia kan?

cantik tak rupa pancake tu?

Like I said, kalau dia tolong buatkan, dia akan makan ,, that day dia makan half ...and kenyang nyer sampai ke petang! a few days after that, kami buat lagi, but this time I added mashed bananas dalam aduman tu ..maka jadilah banana pancake ......kalau nak perasan  mat salleh, add lah blueberries or raspberries ....hehehe Al tak suka berry berry nie ...kalau aku boh pisang at least dia tak nampak rupa pisang kat situ :-) masa yang mix with banana tu, kami makan ersama2 vanilla ice-cream ..yummy! sayang nyer tak ambik gambar .........

student visa to NZ & Adam dan Hawa Drama

Holaaaaa ......akhirnya aku ada masa dan perasaan ingin nak update blog ....aku senyap sebab sibuk lah ....makin nak dekat tarikh aku nak pergi, makin kacau jiwa ku ....makin banyak benda nak buat ...pastu makin banyak le pulak halangan nyer, have to prioritise jugak lah ....most of my time kena focus on doing all the necessary requirements itu semua ....

Nak buat further study obersea nie banyak nar benda nak dibuat ......after all the agreement semua setel, uni sini punya urusan setel, and uni sana punya urusan setel, rumah kat sana dah setel .....timbul pulak hal visa ...aku ingatkan, like nak gi Australia, I can do it through agent and pay some service fees ...tapi non ado! Agent yang kat Kuching nie told me that they are only doing it for Australia-bound students, tapi tak buat untuk NZ ...aiyoo, nak tak nak akak kena buat sendiri .....dah le masa carik pejabat agent tu satu hal ...sesat melalut sampai 4 kali pusing jalan tu baru jumpa pejabat own fault lah, aku mati2 ingat pejabat tu belah kiri jalan, tak toleh belah kanan langsung hahahaha pas 4 kali pusing baru terbuka ati nak toleh belah kanan jalan, lo and behold - pejabat agent tu memang tersergam indah kat situ hahahahaha ...silly me!

Pastu leceh pulak ...coz bar tau nak apply for visa, kena kat Singapore ...walaupun ada embassy NZ di KL, tapi pejabat tu tak kuarkan visa ..cuma Kedutaan di Singapore tu ajer yang kuarkan visa di rantau ni, people from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei etc semua have to apply for their visa kat Singapore office ....itu satu hal, the other hal yang aku tak expect (coz biasa senang dapat visa belajar kat UK etc kan), the visa application perlu disertakan ngan 3 perkara ini:

(i) Certificate of Good Conduct atau dalam BM nyer Sijil Berkelakuan Baik! yang nie dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Luar Negara ...ada lah prosedur nya, nanti aku citer ...aku dapat dapat dah sijil nie

(ii) Chest X-ray result - dorang nak tgk pasal tibi rasanya .......and Malaysia pulak tak tersenarai dalam negara yang mempunyai low incidences of TB, so if nak gi study kat sana more than 3 months, harus sertakan chest x-ray result ..... yang nie pun aku tak risau sangat, coz just x-ray dada jer kan ....

(iii) medical check up - yang nie aku risau sebab aku tak suka check darah!!!! I hate needles ....and this is going to be my second medical check up in less than 3 months! A full medical check up is required, aku tak leh guna yang aritu (yang aku guna untuk tujuan perjanjian ngan KPT) coz NZ embassy specifically required medical check up to be carried out at any panel clinic yang dorang recoznised ajer ...tak leh clinic2 lain ...nasib baik kat Kuching ada 2 clinic yang dorang recognised going for med check up next tuesday!

(note: yang lain2 requirements senang jer lah - like fee, gambar, documents)

and selagi takde result check up tu, aku belum dapat apply for visa ....and i am only going to do the check up next tuesday (nak buat this week, period pulak!), and result akan diketahui 3 days after that kata Dr Richard ...and aku plak already made arrangement nak gi fieldwork to Kapit on Wednesday - balik Sunday nak tak nak, will get the results pas balik from Kapit, hopefully everything berjalan lancar ....aku risau takut aku kesuntukan waktu ...according to the website, visa nie can take up to 15-20 days to process - considering nak Christmas lagi semua tu ...risau akak ...coz kalau belum dapat visa, tiket tak akan dikeluarkan, wang pendahuluan semua on hold ... and kalau aku delay gi fieldwork pulak, aku yang tak akan dapat information needed to refine my proposal, semua saling berkait ....cannot progress without the others ...tu yang buat aku pening sangat, jiwa kacau tau!!!

tapi nasib baik ada Adam dan Hawa ...( I can feel Liz rolling her eyes baca part nie!) boleh gak tenangkan jiwa kacau ku ngan tengok kisah cinta love hate love hate Adam Mukhriz and Ain Hawani tu the way, my SIL yang kunun nya tak nak ter-hook pun dah start tengok dah ...

 my fav scene - thus far! hehehe sebab aku nak rasa duduk kat passenger seat sekali sekala OK!

from FB Adam & Hawa: one of my fav scene ...sweet sangat!

ok, better gets going kan Sunday, esok nak keja ...banyak yang perlu disiapkan today huhuhuhu especially note untuk mengajar esok! tata titi tutu ...enjoy your weekends! hehehe and my SIL dah panggil kata maggie goreng dah siap ...heavens!