Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lunch to celeb Aimran's achievement

Hi there ..I really miss blogging...I have 30 mins before a short call undersatnding another acquisition erghhh bosan.. too complex.. nak sangat kan?
Ok last weekend we had lunch at Zenith to celebrate Aimran's achievement...well we actually have our lunch outside (not in the house) every saturday--location most of the time is actually an alternate between Zenith and Swan..yg lain jarang2 sekali. The difference between this lunch and the weekly routine are ...firstly,  the mood --of course everytime pun happy nak makan tapi ni terlebih lah happy nya...secondly, lunch ni ada nama--lunch for Aimran's dot dot...kalau yg biasa tu stop at Lunch aje..
Apa lah aku mengarut ni.???..saja nak bagi panjang posting ha..ha..ha..

So here is the food at Zenith--because I have shown it like 1001 kali--i chose to just put small insertion ..tak kuase kan.. But frankly I love Zenith's cooking...i told the chef that his food is very tasty...and Duan told another person, we love the ubi kayu adoiiiiiiiiii

And us...happily eating...
My baby sepet kan??? ha..ha..unique the way nak close up my tudung from internet purchase...first time i wear tudung putih...rasa suci lagi menyuci kan for the day...

We went to HK for Afi's 5As but oleh kerana kemerosotan economy, we have not booked any vacation yet but we have thought of something..I will share it here. Kalau jadi share lah kalau tak jadi nak share ke hapa kan?
So presents for Aimran is the G Shock watch he is wearing...he had Billabong before tapi meronta ronta nak G Shock...His wrist actually suits BAby G better...until we came across that G Shock memang nak jadi rezeki dia..the strap is adjustable so alhamdulillah termakbul keinginan dia. Dia happy kita pun happy finally dapat G Shock tu!

Then he also wanted a smart phone...he used Nokia Music for quite sometime so now diturun kan ke Mat Dib--Adib kerja sms "Mummy buat apa"--Adib jugak yg senang--dia dpt best english-he asked for 3 computer games---beli 3 satu free--so i bought that settled! Then dia dapat jadi pengawas kafa--entah beli apa tak hingat--dia initially nak Xbox then mummy explain itu ini itu ini dia ok--then jadi pengawas SKIM--beli dia bola...habis cite--on top of that mummy hutang adib tak bayar2 lagi..ha..ha..sama aje Adib simpan ke Mummy simpan--my Mr Froggy!

ok back to Aimran, he has been bodekking for the Note...I was not that keen--ask him to take Ace Plus instead --I think the size suits him--but he made his "puss in boots" eyes and we cant think of anything else to comparable to Afi's desktop set...and the fact that we have not booked any vacation...payah jugak kan???? zaman kita dulu ko dapat lah berapa A pun adoiii...ha..ha..ha..
kebetulan Duan has been complaining about Note's limitation on multitasking and his problem will be solved with S3 or Note2--so we decided to hand down Note to Aimran and Duan get a new one. Problem solved! and Aimran got his Note...

Remember I told that Afi lost his Galaxy Y on his last day of PMR...we bought him Ace Plus ...suka sangat dia--I told him that counts towards his  8As--actually apa pun dia dapat after the PMR semua counting ha..ha..that what we told him...pulak macam2 sangat hendaknya..

People said that girls spend more but I think boys lagi teruk see like shoes as one example...kasut bola--they need to have kasut bola padang then another pair for futsal...then bowling shoes... those cant be used for jalan2 so a different pair for wear lain...casual lain pulak..then sandals for pasar..nasib baik there is no basketball court nearby kalau tak i bet they will join and michael jordon punya kasut pulak kena beli...erggghhh and the fact that they are growing kan...setahun tukar sekali...Aimran is way too small to use Afi's...and Adib is growing faster than no sharing at all...

So I cakap Afi  if he doesnt get 8As cepat lah lari...jokingly lah...I always remind my matter how bad or how good...they are foreber and eber my babies...There were days I become Mummy Monster but that is not the end of the world! Budak2 sekarang ni pelik2 jugak or perhaps we the parents pun pelik dari our parents' batch emmmmm entah lah! but i know I do my best for the benefits of my boys and the family as a whole!

Jadi tahulah mana datang kemerosostan economy...ha..ha..ha..phewwwwwwwwww!
Ok till next posting....take care and have fun!


fendifid said...

Panjang berjela mukadimah. Yg penting happy stories for everyone. Mewah aimran dgn gift dan mcm mcm gift.

fendifid said...

cantik je nampak jam G shock tu kat lengan aimran...sekarang memang trend la pakai jam tangan besar.

aariz cute...muka dia jenis cool aje. memang la pelik kalau nko nak banding mata dia dengan abang abang dia...tapi tak nampak sepet sangat.