Thursday, November 1, 2012

My style of Jejak Kasih

This posting should come earlier tapi halal aje lah. It was mid Oct, Duan, Adib and myself went down to KL. Afi didnt join because of his PMR and Angah joined his school trip to KL that very same weekend. We decided to make that trip to meet up with my sister in law Dzu. I just think it is necessary for me to visit her after the passing of her newborn. There is nothing much we can do ...we cant change whatever had happened but as family support is the best we can offer. I am glad that I got that brief moment to talk and console her...we talked and cried...i hope she knows that I am just a call away!

Next day , I had a jejak kasih moment with my best friend during high school Karen. She was in KL accompanying her son who scheduled for bone marrow the week after. It was sad to meet under that circumstances but after more than 15 odd years, I am glad that we have that moment talking eye to eye after all these years of telecommunications. I think she is very much the same best friend i've known before...she still talks and giggles the same way....syahdu sgt masa jumpa tu. Basically, she was the closest soul to me growing up from 13 to 17 years of age, we shared many many sweet memories..and stood by each other thru thick and thin.
Kena kejar dengan cikgu pun pernah...lari pakai seluar sekerat...then outing to the Penang island eventhough by right we cant go beyond Bukit Mertajam....we would skip class and pretend to fall sick together to get the ticket to the local hospital just when we felt like drinking hot chocolate from the vending machine in the hospital daerah...gila ke hapa tu? we hid together inside the toilet to skip sukan.. teman akak ponteng puasa ...I was always the main culprit! We were so close that her house was like mine..kalau tak balik cuti, akak lepak rumah Karen..the family treat me like their fact, i spent in hers my raya haji pun pernah.Those years and at that ages, everything was straight forward..tak de la pikir terlebih lebih...that should be the way, kan? My Satu Malaysia moment :)
I hope we can meet more often...but she stays in Penang...we used to say that Penang is heaven but dear, that heaven is too far from my new found heaven Kuantan :)

Then we had lunch with the Ngasri's...Karen cant join as she needs to be with her son--oh by the way the procedure on her son is a successful one insyallah!

Lunch was at Hadramawt the lot to join us...and I was introduced to my step brother..Amer..hope i got the spelling right..he was the one sitting besides me, 17 years and will sit for his SPM this year...good luck kiddo!
Other than him, I was also being introduced to Sumali -a new family member insyallah--the one sat at the other table.He was kind enough to pay for the lunch...malu I coz we called but he paid..Terima kasih banyak ya.. is my Jejak Kasih posting this far???? Heavy drama kan? is colourful and interesting.

After all that Jejak Kasih....we visited Pavillion..Darling, Alin and Nash joined us. The plan was H&M but on second tot we decided to stay within Pavillion only.Keluar masuk boutiques and what not...finally we had tea at Ben's...Darling belanja..TQ miss producer :). My first time actually to the top floor of Pavillion --the food floor--only now I know that there is one big restaurant serving japanese spread...macam menarik aje...

Ok that is all for tonite.....assalammualaikum...


fendifid said...

Sedih lah jejak jejak kasih ni. Sebab nko menjejaki mereka yang sedang kesedihan. A thoughtful of you.

Sedap nampaknya apa ke benda nko makan minum kat ben's tu.

Cuma aku musykil terpana kejap how could Duan survive kat restoran arab tu with lots and lots of rice and plenty of ghee sumer tu.

Ejin said...

Jarang nampak gambar duan senyum biler bergambar!

Ejin said...

Aku kurang sket bab bab nasi arab nie semua top choice pavlova dan sewaku dengan nya ...