Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ann Ngasri Bertunang

Assalamualaikum ...I am always here reading and commenting but i just cant find a slot in my 24hours to do any many things/occassions have passed since my last posting dated Nov 1st --one utterly most important is my 39th birthday..phewwiiittt ha..ha....some short trips and functions..and finally last monday, the UPSR result which shot me to the moon --Angah deserves it for all his hardwork and so proud of him...Pls go here for more story mory Angah got 5As .
Having said that -- I still think Fendi should do the re check on Misha's because the school annouced that it is encouraged for those who got B for Science.

Another good news that i want to share here is on my sister's engagement on Nov11th.  It was held at my mom's place and it was a beautiful event which Fendi and Ita gatai tak datang...ajak makan pun banyak susah woooo...

I posted some of the captures from the kenduri into my FB and people were asking...who is the groom to be...I was told not to reveal anything (as if lah my friends are paparazzi kan?) out of respect i did just that accordingly hush...hush....Not knowing that some pictures were all leaked to Bulan, Nara and what not..and the next day or so it was in the paper ha..ha..ha..and I tot someone said some of the pictures actually come from Sumali's own FB..ha..ha.... But the truth is what is there to hide kan.??? benda baik bukan benda jahat pun.

Food was awesome that day..tapi no picture lah.. buat buat sebok..kan...and busy singing..karaoke-ing...Just for fun and memeriah kan suasana or memeriahkan hati sendiri he..he..he..

I guess my mom was the happiest person, as with this engagement..the wedding will follow early as next month Dec22nd. My mom kept saying taht she will have peace in mind if Ann get to tie the knot again just to ensure that she has someone to look after her and her children. I think every single of us in the family has high hope in this relationship....

You may see her smiling and giggling away, but she has faced tremendous ..she was divorced while carrying Afroza...with other 2 small boys...having to go through raising the kids on her birth without holding a husband hand..mencari rezeki..and on top of all that she is still very young herself...she herself needs guidance.Of course family is always here to raise her up again and lend her the shoulders but I dont think we can really ease the sorrow that she hides inside her.

I have to admit we always clash in opinion ...we see things and life differently..but she is my sister and I always have her in my prayer...i pray for her happiness..i think she is one strong woman and mother-- and she deserves to be happy..I hope people out there -let's be fair and  let her seek her own happiness...dont be too judgemental...the least we can do is Thank Allah as we dont face what she has faced..and ikat nikmat kita dengan syukur......semoga Allah memberkati hubungan ini...Amin.

I was hiding crying during this behind Duan...another step closer...semoga semua berjalan dgn baik.


Ejin said...

Big congratulations to Ann, semoga ikatan ini ke jinjang pelamin. Syadu baca kisah nie ..sebab penulis nyer tu ratu air mata .....kalau anak sendiri yang tunang nanti, camne gamak nyer ngko kan Liz?

fendifid said...

Ambuk result exam pun boleh pengsan...inikan pulak tunang. Congrates to ann.