Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grace's family day at Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan

Aloha...this was early Nov when Grace oreanise$ a family day at Swiss GArden Resort...nun.........di Kuantan. Initial plan was Melaka but because of the timing and so on , it was last minute changed to nun ....di...Kuantan...songel kan...but then again, if not organised by the company, why on earth do we need to overnight at Swiss Garden kan? So dapat jugak lah peluang to stay there overnight ..he..he..

.I was one of the committee....ngelat aje banyak...bagi idea aje tapi kerja adoooooo....he..he..he..anyway the t-shirt is my design..nak get people to approve that tshirt was not an easy job tau...tahu lah manusia kan ...suka sgt complaint..the co name is too big.. small is better-to the extent you can't really see the co name..white can be jarang.. ..hitam is better...why men got collar and ladies only round neck..who going to wear it to the office having the name stuck at your chest...ha..ha..ha...1001 complaints i tell you..
I was all alone tau...even other committee members after so much complaint dah nearly back off..ha..ha..ha..

I talked to the plant manager..let's try for once-having that big company name stuck in your chest..we have so many other co shirt that perhaps more suitable for office ..but frankly i dont see why cant we wear that fresh-look-tshirt (of my design) to the office...he said oklah...and shut all the mouths!
Should be proud wearing the company name what??? unless kita Lynas then different story mory lah...ha..ha..Putih pun jadi hal...i said go for better quality punya kain so no problem of being jarang and what not...tapi due to cost and all that we still go for cheaper kain but ok lah not so bad.

ramai puji the family day...for good food...

 pricey lucky draw prizes...the telematches was also fun lah..many many sapa masuk telematch tu dapat aje hadiah...We also arranged a company family cost...sekali jalan semua...bagus right...sangat menguntung kan company...and we have penanyi jemputan for the nite...sakit lah matooooooooooo

Well personally i think it was alright...i managed to wind down also..lazying by the pool, ...watching the boys having fun in the pool..
Ada gaya Bali..dok???? blue sky..............Why my NOTE lagi terang from yours Fendi????

We also had a go with the ATV...Panas jangan can barely open your eyes tau..memang berdeting but that is better than hujan right...kalau hujan baik balik rumah boleh layan movie..

Not bad huh....Swiss Garden bila mahu datang sini???


fendifid said...

Nkonsnp time panas. Cerah la gambar. Aku snap time gelap. Tu yg blur sesado. Bagus la kalau semua enjoy family. Dayni. Mulut habgsuang sumer nko sumbat dgn kertas surat khabar aje. Lol.

fendifid said...

Penyanyi jemputan tu yg mahal tu. Cuma posture berdiri tu sikit fail. Masa masuk akademi fantasia dulu cikgu tak ajar ke cara stand and hold mic. Lol.

Ejin said...

hahahahha ....penyanyi jemputan gaya takleh blah ....tapi cantik tempat tu, ntah biler nak gi sana

fendifid said...

yes...hotel ni cun bangat. nyaman je mata memandang.