Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday's Rambling from Liz

Hi is monday and closing time which I am not involved ..thank god. Since I am still half awake like my situation this morning, I chose to blog...Rasa kembang kepala...I wish today is yesterday which is the lovely had our home made nasi beriani kambing for lunch yesterday and it was awesome...sedap lagi menjilat jari!

Dah 3 minggu we ban Starbuck and Mc D for Gaza...I think boleh lah kot bertahan lagi seminggu now after bowling instead of Starbuck we move to Pappa Rich..and these are what we normally oklah not bad at all.

Know what i have not been blogging as often as I used to  kan? And for that I have missed to share here quite a few incidents..and also sharing my feelings about many things which is happening around our life. Macam penting noh feelings aku tu kan? ha..ha..ha..suka hati akak lah jemah!

One of the most important occassion to me was my own see this year is my final year in the 30s..I am 39...sweet betul number Jan this blog will be re-titled to ...I dont know what ..we leave it to Ejin..I cant think of any sweet sweet thing to say about being 40s ha..ha..ha..kalau ejin dia pandai...she is the smartest among us..lecturer kan? walaupun dia stranded setahun kat mana tu Fendi? he..he..jgn marah..semakin comel kalau Ejin muncung!

Yg paling tragis...Duan and also the boys didnt wish me on that very morning...that was kind of sad...the boys only wished later in the evening. They said "Ingat tapi Terlupa" ...somebody can explain that? But they are still kids so tak yah lah nak amik hati...As for Duan ..he did send a message but it was late...yg tu...until I received the message mmg agak tragis jugek. Then I told myself, One Day VS 364 other days????...I have been with all-male-surrounding for almost 18 years...layan aje lah!
Tragis sgt boost my spirit, I had another rebonding session...last year i re permed kan? tahun ni rebonding semula...dgn harapan when i stand in front of the mirror and asked " mirror mirror on the wall...bla bla bla" --the image will smile back at frown in the image's head..ha..ha..sewel kan aku?
Even my birthday lunch tak menjadi....ada banyak hal...what a memorable 39th birthday I had!...kalau beranak lagi sekali insyallah this memory will be gone with one of the urat yg putus masa tahan sakit beranak..ha..ha..

Despite all that , kebetulan i was reading favourite islamic magazine...there is an article that says 40 adalah umur penentu..and when we reach that age, if our wrongdoings is more than our good deeds, neraka lah tempahan kita...isnt that a real blow? We have like one year to make good all the bads, cam ne tu? That lingers in my mind....I hope for hidayah...but Hidayah bukan di Tunggu tapi harus di Cari..
You see mat saleh says life starts at 40 ...that is indeed very misleading...sangat memesongkan...if we live our life by that rule, mmg mat saleh berjaya memesongkan start at 40 is way too late...That is why Nabi menjadi Rasul at age 40...the basic goods should come much earlier and at 40 we should just retain and do more goods bukan baru start from scratch...but we are no angels...we are not be able to start now is better than never...dan Allah Maha Pengampun...amin..

Tapi to be good mmg susah kan? Banyak setan kiri kanan lah...but syaitan sebenar nya only menghasut..choice is ours..bukan syaitan yg made our decisions...scary tak? Ini pun baru ku tahu...see I told you guys my knowledge is only like satu tangga tinggi dari Ejin aje .Recently, my cousin just told me she is being rebellious sebab bila dia buat baik org asyik critic so she opts to be bad biar org puas hati... i cried listening to her..kalau kita baca sejarah, memamg rata2 org akan against benda yg be good kena sabar dan determine..Panjang cite aku kan?..punya lah..I just think choose to be good  is the basic of Mankind....with that I pen off my posting for today.


fendifid said...

Ala cinnya besday celeb nko. Nanti by 40 dah x kisah kot pasal besday.
G london la shopping as late celebration for besday.
Memasing too bZ nak nnak hujung tahun ni kan.

Ejin said...

alalalalalala ciannyer org lupa wish dia ...aku nasib baik ingat coz same day as All Souls Day :-)

Eat said...

Takpe.. nanti kita buat bday reunion kat NZ kot...???