Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Liz Duan's New Venture -Stop Grab Go

After so much thought.. anxiety ...hesitation..yes no yes no...we finally decided .."mutual decision" bought over the Stop Grab Go at East Coast Mall Kuantan. We think it is best for new comers in the industry to acquire an existing business rather than start everything from ground zero...what we have to do is to revamp the whole place and operations and make it ours!

This is the new venture that I have been hinting last 2 months and officially May 1st --mark as the first day, we took over the place and become an entrepreneur!
How do I feel? I think we share the same and Duan...we both scared!seriously no joke...of course we always talk about going into business.. do our own things...bla bla bla ...and now with this opportunity--it is a blessing that we have the push factor but at the same time this is very alien to us...we dont have the specific experience or background...we have been makan gaji since the day we can remember...frankly we are nervous about this, feeling the challenge from day minus 1.... at the same time, there is also so much excitement in setting up this small business of ours.!

 Kudos to my models....hensem boh!

I will definitely share more of the restaurant here...the name is STOP GRAB GO (SGG)  -- we still maintain the old name --we have some strategy around it but I will share in my next posting-
The location is at East Coast Mall (ECM), Kuantan...which is right infront Zenith Hotel , and SGG is at the right of ECM building --you definitely wont miss it coming into ECM.

For your information , our actual brand name is  SLAKE & BITE -- SLAKE which is defined as quench your thirst -- is for the ice blended--and we have all sort of flavours..they are all very refreshing and can be customised according to your taste. It comes along with the "pearls" and some jellys . My favourite is Kedondong asam boi --

The BITE is for food--and our niche is the Burger Bakar --it is not like the normal burger bakar- I would say -- our aim on the taste is to match the one selling at Fendi's favourite spot ...:) It is a must try...try and come back again anad again lah ha..ha..ha. Our burger bakar is a jumbo size burger, chicken and beef...add on are fried egg, double jumbo, and beef bacon.We start selling the burger bakar last Sunday and alhamdulillah, so far we are getting tremendous good feedback.

Other food available here is Malaysia old time and everyone's favourite ... Nasi Lemak

and also Roti Arab with Sardine

More will come down on the menu for now those are our servings. Whoever reads this and happen to be in Kuantan , do STOP and GRAB us...if it good tell others...if it is not please please tell us.
Fendi , Ita, Ejin...mari lah....korang are my no 1 critic...bila boleh mari?????? Jauh Ejin nak datang dari Wellington erghhhhh.....wish us luck peeps!!


fendifid said...

First or all. Congatulations and good luck. Sedap sedap nampaknya. I will try to come with my rombongan cik kiah hujung bulan ni. Will inform you nanti.

Ejin said...

Of course i am wishing you both the very best of luck in this venture of yours...jauh sgt aku nak datang ni but i will try to buat detour ke Kuantan the next time i pulang ke tanahair can count on that!!!

zamreen said...

Congrats Liz Duan. InsyaAllah cuti sekolah ni kitorang singgah. The burger bakar looks yummy.

Liz Duan said...

Thanks to all ...Zamreen , sila datang ya...kite tunggu !