Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday morning at Lyall Bay, Wellington

alooooo ....

posting GC dah abis kata nya, so akak terjah masuk posting Welly pulak ...bukan apa, nak buat kesinambungan langit nan biru hehehehe

well, this past two weeks have been very warm and sunny in Welly ...summer is just round the corner..felt weird to have spring in Sept-Nov time coz I am so used to the notheren hemisphere weather and season ....but, hey..i am in the southern hemisphere, go with the flow jer lah ...anyhoos, warm weather means sun dresses, skirts etc are coming out ...all my thick jacket, thick jumpers are being stored ...suka sangat sebab tak yah nak rasa beku lagi :-)

back to story on hand, I went lepaking with the girls at the beach this morning. It was an impromptu outing - coz the actual plan was a sleep over at Ms. S but I was the party pooper and changed the plan yesterday ..had to cancel due to my allergic reaction and stomach cramp today, met up at 11.30 and went straight to Lyall Bay .....

the view was super awesome ...the beach was not crowded this is a bit further away from the city centre ...see map for location here (click this link)....but at 11.45 it was hard to get  parking spot by the beach! Too many cars ....especially on a great weekend like this ...the sun was shining, the weather was lovely and the beach was so inviting maybe half of Wellington was out today!

Lyall Bay ni terletak kat the very southern tip kat North Island memang betul2 ngadap lautan ...and a popular place for surfing ...ombak dia memang hebat ....but not at the part where we sat today ...the stretch of sand is actually quite far ...banyak tempat utk lepak here .....jgn terpedaya ngan air laut itu may be warm and nie was 20 degree today ...but air tetap sejuk! trust me on that, coz i did test the water temperature :-)

we spread our picnic blanket over the pebbles part of the beach ...didnt want to sit on the sand side of the beach ...coz that would be too near to the water edge ..and we (Shu and I) didnt want sand to get ito our food we broght some cranberries, choolate and apple cake, which I baked last night was lying down and hanging out wih the girls is definitely a fun way to spend my Sunday morning

kebiruan langit terserlah ...begitu juga ketembaman aku :-(

the girls - never fail to have a great time when I am out with them ....

 that side is for area yang org bawak anjing exercise ...and the other side plak just for people ...and dogs are no allowed on the beach

after spending hours there ...just lepaking, talking, cuci mata, having fun, we went for late lunch at Maranui Cafe of the popular cafe kat sini ...the queue alone was long but people are willing to wait in the queue ...just to get in ....masa ni a friend came to join us for lunch. He is a friend of Ms. S ...lawak orang nya ...he is a local guy lah ....he must be wondering what he got himself into by joining kami berempat ...memang dok ketawa ajer ..and sometime we just speak in BM hahahaha lupa dia ada!

the queue was long ..we got bored and started posing in front of the entrance!

the cafe was packed to the brim! We got an inside table, but we asked to change to an outdoor table ..kat deck and see the ocean view ...sangat cantik lagi medamaikan ...and because we were so hungry, the moment the food sampai semua terus makan ...and not even a single photo of the food...hahaha but it was nice..i had egg benedicts with hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon ...and my usual cappucino sedappp ...and they say the muffin here are so delicious that ppl sanggup queue for the muffin ...kata nya lah ...i didnt try coz i was so full from my lunch time i am here, i am gonna try the pancake stack ...looks yummy!

from here, the four of us decided that we want ice-cream before heading home ended up at Oriental Bay pulak ...and again melepak at the beach while having ice cream ..well, I actually had iced coffee instead of ice cream ..coz I was wheezing a bit by then ...but sitting in the sun, sipping iced coffee ..watching ppl sunbathing on the beach ...whilst talking and people watching is a good way to spend my weekend :-) when it started to get windy, we went home was a fun day out for me ...sun, sea, good company and clear blue sky ...a really good combination!


fendifid said...

Bestnya lepaking macam ni. Aku pun teringin nak picnic mcm ni. Tapi biasanya kalau picnic bawak nasi lemak aje. Best bila weather dah mula panas sikit. Aku suka spring.

Ejin said...

Baru puji weather nice, malam nie terus mandom! and esok and lusa expected to ujan lebat and angin kuat hahahaha ....padahal the last two weeks were super awesome ...apparently semalam was 25 degree suhu nya ...

my problem masa spring satu ajer ...hayfever! but melepak tetap dijalankan ..cuma sedia kan anti-hastamine (kata Ita)