Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Liz Duan's New Year Wishes

Banyak sangat eh...kisah jalan jalan pergi LONDON Fendi kan? Seronot sangat....nantilah ada rezeki satu hari sampai Haji dulu ke gi London dulu...gulp!!

First and foremost...Happy New Year korang and korang semua...Tahun ni we all will be 40s yeay....we embrace it with an open if ada choice kan?
Semoga hendaknya tahun ni menjadi tahun yg lebih baik...definitely a big change for my dear hubby-..and the family as a whole-something we have talked about for ages and now we finally got a push factor--so should we say thanks to "those people". I have no grudge..jangan rosak kan hati kita sendiri...people say what goes around comes around tapi kita doakan yg terbaik my sister said ... "tak jadi kudis". Duan last month asked me "why am I not worried?" is true I am not worried...I have seen people  who are less fortunate and I think this "cabaran" is not comparable to what others may have tenang tenang aje...and the fact that we have each other...and my husband is a responsible person, insyallah.. Allah is guiding us towards something better!We still sleep well at night...insyallah...and thank you!
By the and hubby in Versace jeans top...electric the color so much...and the tudung still Ariani.

Another big thing in opening 2013, is making the decision NOT to send my son, Aimran aka Angah to MCKK...SBP is never been in our agenda so we never applied  but MCKK is an offer...because it is MCKK we did have a second tot. It is a good school...very prestige of kings, sultans minister?? Tunku Abdul rahman kot..but I think that was back in the early 1900s kot...anyway... we asked around, get people opinions, talked to the counselor...and the conclusion is in Malaysia today...good education , we can get it anywhere not only in boarding school..I think if we are in KL , international school is a good option..islamic and also the normal one. In building the character, MCKK is said to be able to instill the leadership features--so it really down to  what we want for our kids....but rubbing shoulders with the elites or whatever is not at all important to us..Accrdg to the counselor currently about 4 in the cabinet are from MCKK but hundred others are not. So we accept the challenge in building the character at home with our bare hands. My friend told me with all good intention insyallah this decision we made is a direction from Allah....I really dont feel that "berat hati" tapi at the back of my mind adalah lagi sisa sisa what if we made a wrong decision. I actually said that like 2-3 times...and Aimran came to me last nite - He came to my room and gave me the teletubbies hug -he said.."Mummy big hug!!" and we hug then he sat on my bed and said this    "Mummy, angah tak tahu jugak decision Angah betul ke tidak tapi thank you sebab Mummy tak paksa Angah pergi MCKK".... I never see this coming...really touched my heart.


fendifid said...

What a challenge start for new year. We pray for all the best untuk duan especially. -nsyaAllah semua akan di permudahkan. Kalau akubanyak modal...aku pun terjun sekali dlm bidang yg sama. Angan angan mat. Jenin je aku ni.

Ejin said...

Cabaran ada hikmah nya, and I am sure korang can handle it. Along yang aku kenal is very organised and responsible, am sure you guys will cope and rise above this challenge.

And so touched to read about Aimran tu, showing that he is growing up. You have raise them good, and like I said over and over again masa dilemma ngko tu, you guys can provide a great environment at home, untuk pembelajaran as well as family bonding. Nothing can beat that! Hav faith in your decision, and Aimran is such an excellent all-rounders, am sure he will excel kat sekolah dia tu, apatah lagi with the love and support from abah, mummy and siblings. Moga 2013 will be a great year to us all....

Liz Duan said...

Thanks uols..betul cakap Ejin got to have faith in our decision

fendifid said...

Betul betul betul.