Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Family gathering at Teratak Liz Duan

We had great fun last week orgainising a family gathering for both my side and Duan's. We were not able to gather everybody under one roof during the first day of Raya but we managed to do that at our place last week and it was my honour to become the host. It was suggested by my mom and my aunty Ana when we were in JB and I agreed at the very first note, but too bad Aunty Ana was not feeling well and thus not able to join.
Fresh flowers is a must............I adore Lily and the smell..

The food keep on changing...we first thought of having a BBQ tapi macam leceh so we then decided seafood on Friday--lunch and dinner, then Nasi Dagang on saturday mornin--Boy's family and my parents+baby/Mak Usu overnight at my place Friday afternoon, brought them to Kemaman Kopitiam  -- Instagram again---I wore Armani Jeans top from JPO and old tudung from Ariani...know what I even have matching shoes in my shoe rack...kebetulan aje...color matches ..awesome!
and the below spread for the gathering---all was homecook and they include..mee rebus, laksa penang, fettucini cabonara, honey dew sweet and nasi impit...the satay was ordered.

 I dont know if we can call it an open house because a house should be readily open for family kan? so I think family gathering is a more appropriate word to use ...initially I tot of calling some friends and call it "open house" for the day tapi Duan said family dont eat and go-- they mingled, then eat then baring then eat again and we want to bersembang sembang so he said better restrict to only family and he was right as always!

I am so happy to have all of them under my roof and will be glad to play host over and over again.
Sangatlah saya berbesar hati that the lots has drove all the way from KL and also Temerloh to visit us...I feel humbled by the gestures!
The relationship that we have between my family and my in laws, I aways think is rather special because all of them know each other--doesnt stop at me and Duan but extended to my siblings, aunties and uncles from both sides... perhaps..... because we are the first to get married and everybody was so involved back then...even though ours was not without the sensationals issues--ha..ha..ha..-- but I believe we managed to get keredhaan from everbody....amin.

Duan was so fascinated with Ratu..the one standing right in front of him..she communicates well and very smart ...from right ..Nash -Darling's son, Zara--Ann's daughter, Ratu-Bell's and Iana-Boy's.
Iana is 2 weeks younger than Aariz and Zara is about 2 months older than Aariz---dah melompat bagai but abang Aariz still gegar gegar special son!
Last but not least ...the mak daras...yg lain entah mana hilang...Darling requested us to post like her but I cant bring myself to do that lah...she's 10 years younger boleh lah...
I wore Ralph Lauren top from JPO ha..ha..ha....baju raya maaaa....heii my pony is actually beaded tau...not like the common sthiches...and old tudung from Ariani...the pants is from akak next door...

So ok that is all for today...take care people and salam syawal!


fendifid said...

Can feel the keceriaan fr the posting. Bravo. i

Ejin said...

Meriah ...bukan senang nak kumpul ramai orang under one roof :-)

Ejin said...

I love that lily as well ....semerbak wangi nya

fendifid said...

Kelas food sumer home made. Kat kuantan xde trip shopping ker? Lariiii.

Liz Duan said...

Shopping...insane ke? makan and makan aje kat Kuantan

Eat said...

Pants from akak next door?? Apa tu? dok pahe.. hahaha!!!

Bestnya ramai2.. mesti kebisingan melampau..

Liz Duan said...

Akak next door yg jual :)