Friday, September 28, 2012

1 MALAYSIA break in KL---Part 1

Hi there...having a mixed feeling this morning to spare this little time workload is out of hand..been burning candleSSS for the past 2 weeks...macam...ha....tak baik cakap sini geeeeeeeeeeee. I was like zombie tau! bosan big time !!! i tell you if i run my own business with my level of dedication mmg kayo akak! ha..ha..ha..but thank Allah for this rezeki and His blessing!

Ok i was in KL for hari Satu Malaysia...the finale of 2012 raya celebration..we went to Temerloh to my brother in law new house..nice house but no picture...haiyoo next trip i will share some pictures here.

About12 we continued our journey to KL for Darling's open house. Her open house is only between us ~the Ngasri's.we were served with nasi briani which she claimed she cooked from scratch but the hubby said "kak long can get it in Giant berpacket2" ngeeeeee..some seafood spaghetti and introduced me to Garrett--that Garrett popcorn mmg best

... i am a popcorn lover if you guys want to know...Baru text Duan suh tolong singgah if only he passes KLCC....

So here we go some pictures  at Darling's ..she requested me to take pictures every corner of the house..mcm byk noh benda or area nak tangkap ha..ha..ha..jgn mare Darling!

 Ala ...ala...ala...cantiknya bini sapa tu ???ha..ha..ha..ha.. me and the top is MNG bought long long time ago...the tudung is from FB...another online purchase
 The food arrangement = minus 5===should arrange properly cik Darling!
 See the reclining chairs are like mine...ishh tiru sungguh! Soon she move to a d bomb..akak tak lah commnet lagi ha..ha..ha.. That is teh ever gorgeous kakak Inas...i like calling her Kakak Inas.
 Darling is living in a condo...and swimming is something the kids were looking forward to..Adib has been complaining  for renting out our Riana Green.
And those are all the activity for the day at Darling's....Thank you so much for the invitation...and to be continued in part 2.


fendifid said...

Wahhhh. nasi briyani. Hebat. Pop corn garrete tu dah basi la. Xde dah org beratur mcm dulu. Tapi sedap yg macadamia tu.

Ejin said...

Kerja kerja jugak ...but jgn stress banyak ..kang semua takleh nak buat ...hehehehe

Part 2 pasal shopping ke???

Liz Duan said...

napa ko tak pernah cite ni pasal garrett???????????????
next time beli utk aku eh!

fendifid said...

Rasanya aku pernah blog garrete ni.

Ejin said...

apa plak tak pernah ...fendi siap blogkan lah dulu ...aku yang jauh nie pon ingatttttttt

Liz Duan said...

oh yeah???? kwang kwang kwang...mesti masa tu aku tgh cut down sugar ha..ha..ha..