Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kayu Manis Bistro

Our one and only business now is Kayu Manis Bistro - to cut the long story short, we decided to quit the mall and thus closing both Slake and Bite cafés. After much considerations, analysis , this and that - we find a nice place in our own neighbourhood - change our concept , change the food type, change the target customer and come up with jeng jeng jeng--- hahahha jeng jeng jeng lah sgt kan?
Ini throwback je pun --we officially opened #kayumanisbistro last Sept 2015 and we are now in our 8 months. Alhamdulillah.
So why Kayu Manis??? We are looking for something local and relates to what we are selling - boleh tahan lah jugak penggunaan kayu manis nya ehem ehem :)
And we think #kayumanis fits that being local connection and sweet indeed :)

Jom nak tunjuk kerja kerja pembikinan - we did manage to keep the renovation cost and interior designing to the minimum  - almost everything like cabinet, kusi meja, display units and so on are recycled from the last cafe. Interior designing is from our two heads - also applying some suggestions and recommendations from some friends.
Thank you all for your kind thoughts, advices and interests in Kayu Manis Bistro

Gila serabut makbut kan?
Serba tak kena - pegang tu tak kena pegang ni tak kena and the clock was ticking fast --rental dah jalan- renovation as usual sangkut situ sangkut sini. Semua benda berterabur

This when the wall separating the sitting area and the kitchen was in the making- Buat dinding tu pun ada drama jugak - ingat ingat lupa but the first pakcik who took up the job rasa after a few days ke seminggu gitu cabut- duit dah amik -- biasa dorang ni pesen nak beli barang tak de modal la - anak nak beli susu lah --Sodeh kuat.
Bak kata P Ramlee --- DUGAAANNNN

And ini the bare separation wall sebelum di cat. Masa ni dinding tepi dah di cat -- putih je pun.
The initial intention was to have the bistro white and bright tapi I think people like dim light - not too bright - jadi the initial ideas was not fully applied dan agak rojak jugak concept nya

Then we had the logo design completed - and we applied the same color to that back wall.
Logo pun with its own story in the process to complete -- we have it designed , agreed , paid then next is the signboard-the cinnamon color is always brown but it was orange in the signboard because the Kuantan supplier did not  keep brown -ya Rabbi - so Duan googled and searched and found one supplier somewhere in negeri Sembilan tak silap --gave the contact to the printing company and after taking additional few days - we have the signboard nicely put up as we want it --phewww.

Ni masa awal awal lah - still very much naked -- kosong sodihhhh
Aariz pun tak kuase nak posing hehheheh.
We painted the floor grey -- mula tu we thought of having white floor nasib baik we scrapped  that idea - kalau tak mmg meroyan aku tengok tapak kasut .

We had the best "gardener" to do the honour and repotting some plant. My mom chose from the pots at my house. I think she left for KL right after - she supposed to leave from my house after breakfast but she insisted to do this before leaving - punya lah kan --hehehhe sepsis sama macam geram aje tengok benda tak siap. There you go my mom and Aunty Anom bertungkus lumus.

Then siap kan the counter - tempat buat air.

Lampu turun naik tu suggestion Uncle Liew from Eng Lai Lighting - dari tahun 1999 mmg guna kan khidmat dia utk lighting rumah - kedai lama and terus ke Kayu Manis Bistro. Mula tu tak berapa nak paham dia punya suggestions ni -- otak accountant kan macam straight aje , tak de seni seni nya --kita orang selalu piker mesti sama rata mesti straight -- garisan lurus - pancaran cahaya ke kiri dan kanan mesti selari hehhehhe.
Pening uncle ni nak cite siap lukis bagai -- suggest lagi awak orang pregi tengok kedai xoxox ni kat area ni -- and we did and then we told the electrician buat cam ni. Bila Uncle Liew datang tengok -- still tak berapa betul patut lagi casually susun ala ular kena patuk hahhahha--- ok lah ni untuk mata kami.

That is the signboard we talked about.
Abang Ngah Fendi paid a visit - terima kasih banyak banyak -
when we do something and
we have people asking on the progress -- requesting daily updates - especially from adik beradik  this blog and our ownsiblings - and took all the trouble towitness the work in progress , we feel appreciated and not alone in the journey.

I pray to Allah semoga I am given strength and rezeki untuk membalas segala kebaikan and pertolongan yang telah diberikan

Last but not least - the wall decoration was up and we say ALHAMDULILLAH.
Agak cosy lah jugak kan????

This is the front façade - I wanted the Bismillah to be handpainted tapi because of the height and people we met was not confident enough with jawi - we have it printed and fixed to the wall.

Our aim is good food at affordable price with cleanliness as our priority. If our blended drink range is considered on a high side at RM5.00 , we have many cheaper alternatives.
I think many of us will agree  that it feels good to treat someone with good food in a nice surrounding especially parents to their kids - anak to parents --we love to do that.
So there was this one day , Duan and I were talking  about the rising cost of living , the gst  - and how we are also feeling the heat - and we were thinking, how about others who earn less but they would want to bring their kids their families to some decent dinner away from the household like us also. At  that instance , we agreed that we should  help others to solve that problem and be able to experience that great feeling of seeing the kids and the spouse smiling away with full tummy ~~ parents feeling all appreciated and loved.
And that is the story behind Kayu Manis Bistro -- nothing poyo with this story but just sharing the truth.
At the end of the day semoga Allah mempremudahkan urusan kita semua.

Tima kasih - Love and Hugs : Liz Duan


fendifid said...

Bangga dengan kesungguhan dan hard work korang. Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya. Tak sabar nak datang makan kat kayu manis bistro hujung bulan ni. Boleh borak borak gelak gelak kutuk ejin dan ita. Lol

Ejin said...

Well done Kak Long & Along. Will come for a royal visit soon.

P/s kutuk lah fend ... Asalkan ngko bahagia ..hahaha koser aku

Liz Duan said...

hahhahah bagus ya sudah komen

hazeluv hazelin said...

since buka..dah 2x balik msh x berpeluang nk terjah Kayu manis Bistro...hrp2 lps ni ade rezeki n peluang tuk cuba... insyallah :) malu kat ddy fend dr kl pun dah berkali2 visit kan.. apa2 pun tahniah Lizduan..semoga terus Berjaya n maju :)

Liz Duan said...

Thank you Lin