Thursday, June 6, 2013

Candy Crushing obsession

Hi there..I am early-- supposed to have another early morning conf call but found out that it was cancelled to a later date. I dont mind at all..i love being early in the office--By the way-- i was so late yesterday--had meeting with East Coast Mall management at 9am --told my boss I will be in by 10.30 but only reached office about 11.30am--so being a good worker as I am ehem..ehem. akak kan tak suka amik kesempatan.. :) ..I actually applied for half day...then my dear madam boss replied and said "that was time off in lieu for your evening calls"...isnt she nice??? She is...

Ok it is true that our life now is all about Slake and Bite --megamall -- east coast mall -- even bowling has gone down to 2nd place. If talking about mine alone--Slake and Bite alternate with work has been very demanding these days but let us not going to that direction...semua org kerja pun sama jugak..kalau tak kerja pun susah jugak ha..ha..ha..

Then tehre was this one day--i was introduce to Candy Crush by my dearest Adib..he thought me how to play--he is not really into the game-- maybe he thinks the game suits me that is why he took the time to teach me--By the way, he is so hook on WWE games--keep telling him those are violence and he keeps telling me it is not!Layan je lah this age, I dont really have the energy to argue ...god helps me!

and since then i am so obssessed with Candy Crush...oh yes, i would find all mean...despite the busy-ness--biar lah malam hari ke apa...sanggup aku. At times sampai is crazy!And that is why I am so slow in responding to Scramble...ha..ha..ha..sorry Ejin and Fendi! Fendi and Ita are also playing but Fendi actually specifically forbid Ejin from joining...ha..ha..kang PHD ke mana...ha..ha..We have the luxury because we are not student and we dont have exams kan,  fendi?

This is strategy game an extent lah ha..ha..nasib pun banyak jugak :). So now I am at level 75--I saw in Instagram that Lisa Suriani has reached the top perghhh...banyak nya masa makcik tu kan?Between scenes agak nya....someone told me to be a good pelakun got to have patience in WAITING--so sambil waiting lah kot!

Anyway..just to share kan...I have this routine --one handbag a year--so for 2013, i have been looking for Furla Candy bag--this got nothing to do with Candy crush--i only played Candy crush like 2 months --but been looking for Candy bag since Jan--look in the net and found out we have one Furla store in Pavillion ..sekali cari tak jumpa then i called they said they dont bring Furla into MAlaysia anymore and nobody else do--so no Furla in Malaysia...duh! So I said ok lah i wait for our next visit to Singapore...internet emmmm....tak feel "one handbag a year" ni has to be boutique..ori..pilih dgn mata...kalau bag sampingan ok through internet..ha..ha..saja mengada ngada ha..ha..
Sekali kan I tengok my mom and my sisters semua ada that furla candy bags and they got their stock from Bangkok and China...punya more information on the bags from me ...just that...knowing that i ahve been looking high and low...sekali last 2-3 weeks kot when i went down to KL, my mom passed me one...she actually asked my aunt to get one from Bangkok for me...and it is a gift from her and Darling!
Suka sangat...feel tu kurang sebab dot dot mom said ko tu mengada macam tak pernah pakai dot dot but the truth is i mmg tak pakai dot dot...Tapi oklah ..layan aje.!Thank you mama and Darling!

Oh yeah tadi browse gambar jumpa ni...we are selling this Jelly beans in our shops - tak berapa nak jual actually so we tot we gave this to my mother in law as door gift for my brother in law wedding which coming right up this June 22. Orang sini tak berapa sons suka sangat ingat org sini pun kot suka...masa Fendi Fid datang baru nampak sambutan nya ha..ha..ha..orang KL kan...lain sikit tekak nya...ha..ha..
Oklah..wanna grab some friend is already here...breakfast kat kantin lah not like you all..Harrods...lah Cafe..tot tet tot tet...nak sebut pun susah..ha..ha..last but not least...


fendifid said...

Cun hbag tu. Tapi since yg x ori bersepah nak pakai pun nko x syok dah. Ha ha.
Jelly beans tu misha punya fav. Suka sgt dgn benda tu.
Candy crush ni berhantu la. Susah kalau terjebak.

Ejin said...

love jelly beans ...dulu masa kat UK, memang stock up jelly beans kat rumah :-)

yea, aku mmg tak nak terjebak ngan game life is already complicated and demanding enough as it is without nak kena addicted to games ....