Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Farewell 2013 and Welcome 2014

Gosh I am losing it...I have this page opened - my mind is so blank-and my eyes are locked on High School Musical 3...sweet sgt Zack Efron ni....anyway I am so losing it lah...used to be  easy flow sekarang benak dah nak berblogging ni..
Ok lah a quick one...2013 re cap--at work-

i have my assistant in and more thrown on my tables - let's not going into that - and 2014 kicks off with a change in reporting structure - functional reporting vs the prior geographical function...boleh aje lah
 Afi baru cakap mende mummy "koya" blogging ni...sebab new year lah konon....pandai dia teka. Koya tu macam syok sendiri lah :) He is too young to understand people our age ha..ha..

Slake & Bite - our new venture which broke the norm- never ever tot that we could have our own business--all I can say is Alhamdulillah....having said that there are still so..... much to be done.. we are still very much crawling terbatuk batuk...

Then the Poultry contract..

another business..a partnership...syukur...still terbatuk batuk jugak..things need polishing to shine and to polish we need i guess kena sabar.... we put in our everything..savings..time...devotion...split ourselves to 2 and 3...ohh can i mention something..boleh lah blog anyway..he..he...when i said savings..i really mean it and that is from our own those who said itu ini --do check your facts right..and do remember that you still owe us.
And yes, one of 2014 to do's is to seek for business grant/loan..anybody can help with the paperwork?

2013 also changed my dear hubby's status to "weekend husband"--
 not really weekend lah because most weeks except during harvesting , he will come back on Thursday/friday and go again on Monday - the farm we talked about - it is in JDT. This will continue as long as we are holding the contract~~ so I am the "full time driver" for the boys'  tuition--merangkap "cafe manager" for those spot checks on the cafe and kiosk...itu yg ada masa2 semput tu when the boys are not in their best behaviour--gaduh aje, making mess in the house, memerintah aje lebih--maka akak turn green (into incredible hulk).
The distance anyhow does not change our realtionship i.e.our love life -Well..we are change to this and that...u know what i mean ha..ha..ha..
 And the best of all of 2013 is my baby boy Ahmad Aariz finally walks on his own at the age of 2years 5 mths-- nothing beats kegembiraan itu-- and now he making more sounds...the speech therapist said those are improvements or speech...on and off we are still attending the therapy yg tinggal mata aje lah...agak juling2 air...kadang confused jugak nak tgk tengok mana pandangan dia...syukur Allah for everything.

Cant think of anymore re caps for 2013 dah..itu aje la..mat aariz batuk ni kena cepat:)

So what's up for is definitely going to be one upmost important year for me and the family as my eldest boy Mr Afi will be sitting for  his SPM -

oh gosh I am so nervous...theoretically his final year under my roof.....he is 17 years old  and after 2014 he will just keep moving forward kan?...nak nangis aku rasa...This year will be a different ball game all together... agreeing to it or not, but spm is the starting point.Scary nya...
I will also use this opportunity to push exam form 1 no 15--rasa macam nak telan budak ni and also nak push dia on bowling -- he got the talent tapi kena attend "anger management" rehab!
sekejap aje budak2 dah besar semua... dulu kecik cenonet

Adib suka cakap "Mummy ni ingat Adib kecik lagi ke Mummy suka tipu tipu main main dgn Adib--Adib dah darjah 4 ni" and in another occassion yg suit with it like teman gi toilet "Mummy kena teman Adib sebab Adib baby lagi"... my heartrob Ahmad Adib ...he proudly closed 2013 winning himself second place during the club Under 12 tournament (mix). Hilang penat dok menhantor mengambil attending bowling.

Others come second lah....such as to make a permanent footprint of Slake & Bite here in Kuantan - takut jugak business ni...Insya Allah kalau ada rezeki kita ada lah...apa apa pun usaha aje lah.

Oklah these are all for my 2013 recap and partly my To Do s for 2014.
With that I wish all of you  Happy New Year and A Blissful future ahead.


fendifid said...

Wahhh very colourful lah ur 2013. Tapi banyak yang positive. So keep it up.
Aiyoooo rasa mcam baru semalam nko dok bising tensi dengan exam and now coming exam yang lagi besar. Tensi tensi. Semoga afi rajin mentelaah mcm Ejin.

Ejin said...

Jangan kuat berparty cam Ejin - tu yang tersirat tu ...

Yup ...your 2013 sangat2 colourful ...many new ventures...semoga kekal cemerlang pada 2014 ...