Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Final day of Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum...this is not planned but the last time I made a posting here was June 6th and today is August 6th--like seriously??? 2 months--I dont believe it myself....ingat once a month tu dah teruk sgt tapi kaedah nya ni dah 2 bulan...i can feel that I am losing the skill already...mcm lah dulu best sgt kan posting kite ha..ha...ha.. sabar lah senah! Ni entah apa dok keluar message "error on page"...kalau after typing all this and I am not able to upload mmg i just want tos ay bye to blogging :( Now I am scratching my head thinking what to write...told you I am losing the kepochi skill....oh idea come to momma! We are down to last day of Ramadan...there is no point in wishing selamat berpuasa right?--way too late lah Liz...

My ramadan was not a smooth one this year...i had gastric and diarrhoea for almost 1 week..it was bad i told u --at first it was pain in the chest..then the vomitting- right after iftar..then diarrhoea..flat habis..but thinking that sakit is god's way to cleanse dosa dosa kecil...i quietly welcome it with an open heart and thank HIM...apa lah sgt angin2 ni when an ex class mate was recently diagnosed with cancer stage 3 with 2 years estimation.Heart breaking...he and wife are scheduled for haj this year and he willingly postponing his chemotheraphy for the pilgrimage...Now where do we stand against that kind of soul? I feel ashamed. I would be one of those who would jump from my seat for the chemo...so damn ashamed!

We have an exceptional blessing during this Ramadan when Duan was offered Ayamas contract farming-- we tot the offer is the best available because the entrance capital is not as high as if we need to build up a reban and so on..we are renting 8 rebans altogether and hopefully it come out a success. It was not an easy process in getting the contract--after a few visits, a few presentation , a few meetings for the last 6 months....alhamdulillah. Having invested in Slake & Bite--we are down to our last penny actually--Ita is offering me RM50K but I am yet to get :)he..he... but heyyy...as the famous quotes says

It is god's will...he's out from the organisation to stand on his own..--at first we did feel cheated and all that--angry but i passed that in just a day or two--rezeki di tangan tuhan--we should really thank them kan? ..and according to this November is the nicest..April is the sweetest walau misai melintang so...we can still smile if we bump into the whole lot... and insyallah sunah Rasullullah "99% rezeki itu dalam perniagaan" we are not there yet...but I believe we are on the right path...and the surrounding, insyallah will bring us nearer to HIM...amin amin ya rabullalamin. I am still with Grace though....told you i love my job tinggal busy sgt tu yg sakit kepala..jiwa dan raga he..he..i have to keep my payroll just in case :) We are still looking for capital actually....kalau ada yg sudi call lah akak :)

Panjang dah ni...bulan Ramadan ni not like prior year --i was so damn lazy to cook...perhaps sebab hubby is not around tapi dulu pun dia selalu kat Pekan...I lost my appetite to an extent itu yg tak de selera nak masak memasak...I only cooked once with Angah's helping..other days, bibik does all the cooking for iftar and sahur..I am thankful for my bibik... Weekends mostly tapau. Because Duan is away during the week, I turned down all the corporate iftar...I cant bring myself to eat in the hotels with friends thinking my boys are left at home just the 3 of them...tak sampai hati...very mak mak kan...of course lah I am a mother!!!

We did iftar at Zenith once--RM90 for adult...say loh...crazy right? and kids are RM65 per pax...hotel prices are exxagerating kan? too much...but we got a good deal for being a regular there but still not cheap...sekali oklah...kalau 2-3 kali ifatr rabak! Thank god they also serve oysters so i had a good slurp...burpppp..and tehy were so freash...yummy...afi lari tak leh tahan bau oyster...only aimran take the interest after me.

Oklah ....tomorrow we are going back to Pekan...and after sembahyang raya on Raya day we will make our move down to JDT --

jangan marah...akak budak johor okays!

Just in case I will take another 2 months gap to make another posting...saya mengambil kesempatan ini utk mengucapkan ....haiyo macam baca skript kat RTM 1..:)...I want to wish everybody Selamat Hari Raya Aidil fitri...dan Maaf Zahir Batin atas segala kesilapan yang tidak saya sedari...kalau sedar2 insyallah tak de lah niat nak menyakiti hati sesama insan ni...Enjoy the spirit of hari raya...bermaafan itu mmg dituntut dalam Islam....I have read before that memaafkan dan memohon maaf itu will bring more bnefits to our ownselves than to others....jiwa lebih tenang...also enjoy the food--tapi jgn makan tak hingat dunia...pinggang baru nampak sikit sehari dah tenggelam semula kang....I am so looking forward for the family gathering..it has been a while...Safe Journey all....Ejin dont isolate yourself in the office--join fellow malaysians and look for Satay ha..ha..ha...again Salam Aidil fitri

Much Love : Liz Duan


fendifid said...

pengsan baca posting ni...tanpa di sedari dah 2 bulan kisahnya...tak sangka kronik sunggug virus Ita berjangkit kat Liz. LOL.

yang ita tu komen pun takde. ????

teruk nko sakit tak selera makan bagai...kerempeng la jadinya. Very opposite dengan EJin yang minat sangat makan...macam esok tiada makanan...motto EJin sekarang...lariiiii

setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya...semoga usaha Duan berjaya dengan jayanya. Amin.

Ejin said...

Amboiiiiiiii ngata aku ...dia tu lagi over dari aku tau!!!! At least kat NZ nie aku takde le nak mentekedarah sangat hahaha sebab no option available melainkan masak sendiri ....and rekod di 2013 ..sepanjang 3 minggu d Sarawak masa ramadan, sekali pun aku tak jejak kako ke pasar ramadan ....sgt impressive kata mak aku ...on the very last day d kl ajer aku gi kwsn flat my sister and terjebak.membeli juadah berbuka tau ....

Ejin said...

Tak sangka dah 2 bulan sawang blogging liz tak diclearkan ...ish ish ish ..over akak yang the nicest nie ...akak beautiful tu sibuk ngan routine kecantikkan le gamaknya ...sebab tu posting GC tak kuar2 hahaha ...

Semoga venture baru korang berjaya ...dan akak n fendi tumpang kejayaan itu nanti ;-)

And last but not least, selamat hari raya semua...maaf zahir batin dari kawan korang yg raya sehari lambat dari korang ..nak buat camne..i have a meeting with my sv this fri (and fri raya kat welly kalau tak silap)

.drive safe ..and kalau makan ..ingat lah aku!!!

Liz Duan said...

Love u guys so much...hu..hu...syahdu pulak..tak de lah sapa nak komen JDT...kalau angah semangat dia nak gaduh dgn tok bibah cumat..d aunties...ha..ha..akak tak de lak taksub cuma suka main main esp w d boys...dorang kutuk habis hanyar..ha..

Ejin said...

Aku lgi best siap blur ...apa jdt??? Rupa nya negeri tercinta kak long hehehe no comment lahhhh